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We are fortunate it enough to have a lively and vibrant lodge filled with brothers who stay engaged with the craft and support one another as a double brother should!

Our Brothers

Being a military lodge we often combine masonic ceremonies with opportunities to celebrate, honor, and remember our double brothers.

Table Lodge

As part of our By-Laws as a lodge we are required, and greatly enjoy, hosting a Table Lodge of Instruction every year, typically in April!

Major General Henry Knox's Grave & Annual Birthday Celebration

As part of our By-Laws as a lodge we are required, and take great pride in, celebrate the birthday of our namesake, Major General Henry Knox at his gravesite in Thomaston, Maine. We have since made the birthday of Major General Henry Knox into a fun filled family weekend where 50 or more brothers, family, and friends stay in Maine from a Friday to Sunday and pack in a series of events around the memory of MG Knox as well as dinners, boat cruises, lobster feast, and other great events.

Knox Museum

Our lodge has a long standing relationship with the House Museum of Major General Henry Knox in Thomaston, Maine.

Eureka Lodge

Big thanks to our brothers of Eureka Lodge of St. George, Maine who hosted a stellar lobster feast finished off with strawberry shortcake!

Volunteer Groups

Contact the Master if you have ideas on ways to volunteer either through a grassroots idea or in support of an existing organization.

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