About us

Major General Henry Knox Lodge A. F. & A. M.


Instituted March 17, 1926 on the 150th Anniversary of the Evacuation of Boston on the Gun Deck of the Frigate U.S.S. Constitution


The Military Veterans Lodge of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts


Regular Meetings on the Fourth Wednesday of each month except July and August


We meet in the

Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

186 Tremont Street

Boston Massachusetts 02111


Organized for past and present personnel of the United States Armed Forces

to cement by the ties of Freemasonry the bond that exists between servicemen.

Our 2019-2021 Leadership:
Wor. Dennis Lincoln, Low Res.jpg
Wor. Eric Leith Wipfler

Worshipful Master

Bro. William Peterson

Senior Warden

Wor. Dennis Lincoln

Junior Warden

square and compass.jpg
Wor Mike Alves


Wor. David Hicks

Assistant Secretary

Wor. William Boulay Low Res.jpg
Wor. William John Boulay

Assistant Treasurer

R.W. Phil Nowlan


Bro. Matt Bell



Bro. William D. Maldonado
Wor. Kenneth Longo, Jr. Low Res.jpg
Wor. Ken Longo

Senior Deacon

Wor. Emmanuel Fernandes, Low Res.jpg
Wor. Emmanuel Fernandes

Junior Deacon

Bro. Winston Nicholls, Low Res.jpg
Bro. Winston Nicholls

Senior Steward

Bro. Simon Sherman, Low Res.jpg

Junior Steward

Bro. Simon Sherman
Bro. Julio Morais, Low Res.jpg
Bro. Julio Morais



Bro. Bob Serricchio


Wor. Robert Cook