Major General 
Henry Knox Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

186 Tremont Street

Boston Massachusetts 02111

Contact: Bro. William Maldonado
Phone: 978-935-1213

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Lodge Organization

and history 

Our lodge was instituted March 17, 1926 on the 150th Anniversary of the Evacuation of Boston, on the Gun Deck of the Frigate U.S.S. Constitution to function as the Military Veterans Lodge of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

Organized for past and present personnel of the United States Armed Forces to cement by the ties of Freemasonry the bond that exists between servicemen.

Proudly, we bear the name of a hero of the American Revolution, a Bostonian, the first Secretary of War, and a Mason.

Current Lodge Officers


Worshipful Master

Wor. Philip Andrew Dubey

71 Turner Street

Quincy MA 02169

(978) 337-3992


Senior Warden

Bro. Eric Leith Wipfler


Junior Warden

Bro. William John Peterson



Wor. Kenneth Longo


Asst. Treasurer

Bro. William J. Boulay



Wor. Dennis Lincoln


Asst. Secretary

Wor. David Hicks



Bro. Robert Bardell


Associate Chaplain

Bro. Ken Jones



R.W. Phil Nowlan


Senior Deacon

Bro. Charles Junior Washington


Junior Deacon

Bro. Mark Dotson


Senior Steward

Bro. Fernando Jose


Junior Steward

Bro. Paul Works


Inner Sentinel

Bro. Julio Morais



Wor. Robert Cook  



Wor. Ken Longo



Bro. William Maldonado



Bro. Laurence Jaffe

Committee Chairs

Trustees of Funds

2019   Wor. Charles R. Austin

2020   Bro. Matthew W. Bell

2021   Bro. Albano  F.  Ponte

Proxy to the Grand Lodge

R.W. R. Peter Carlson

Representative to the Masonic Home

Wor. Dennis B. Lincoln


Trowel Magazine

Brother Steve Scalli


Blood Chairman

Brother Charles Junior Washington

Brother Henry Michalski

Candidate Instruction

Wor. Ken Longo

Major General Henry Knox Birthday Observance

Bro. Matthew Wayne Bell

Lodge Historian

Bro. William Peterson


Sick Call

Bro. Rob Bardell


Bro. Eric Wipfler

Wor. Dennis Lincoln

Charity and Scholarships/

Lodge Almoner

Bro. Bill Peterson

Bro. Bill Maldonado

Bro. Joe Magee

Lodge Education

Bro William Maldonado


Officer Stand-ins

Wor. Tom Morris III


Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts



District Deputy Grand Master for the Second Masonic District

Lodge Past Masters


Past Masters of Major General Henry Knox Lodge


*Wor. Frederick Gilbert Bauer 1927 bji

*Wor. George Davis Moore 1928

*Wor. Melville Fredrick Cate 1929 b

*Wor. Charles Samuel Clifford 1930 b

*Wor. Roland Everard Falls 1931 bgk

*Wor. Max Harold Summerfield 1932 hfg

*Wor. Frank Spencer Elliott 1933 bg

*Wor. William Purcell 1934 b

*R.W. Sydney Kenneth Skolfield 1935 c

*Wor. Charles Everest Robinson 1936

*Wor. Melvin Bertram Summerfield 1937 fgk

*Wor. Charles Henry Sargent,   Jr. 1938 egi

*Wor. Harry Lawrence  Wiggin 1939

*Wor. Charles Tracy Cahill 1940

*Wor. David Dangel Freedman 1941

*Wor. Charles Joseph Perry 1942

*Wor. Henry Bamett Robinson 1943 g

*Wor. Edward Bancroft Pratt 1944 g

*Wor. David Harold Hick 1945 b

*R.W. William Walter Wade 1946 be

*R.W. Chauncey Dean Menill 1947 cdhg

*Wor. Irwin Buchsbaum 1948

*Wor. Mervyn Ernest Clark 1949

*Wor. Henry Malcolm MacLeod 1950 gi

*Wor. Carlton Walton Crocker, Jr. 1951

*Wor. Samuel Herman Slesinger 1952

*Wor. Summer Wilson Eiton 1953

*R.W. Alden Arthur Osgood 1954-1955 cefi

Wor. Philip Arnold Rubin 1956-1957 fg

*Wor. Arnold Glasser 1958

*Wor. Davis Goodwin Maraspin 1959

Wor. Donald Angus MacLeod 1960 g

*R.W. Alvin Morris Steinberg 1961 icg

*R.W. Roger Alfred Vint 1962 egh

*R.W. Thomas Knudson 1963 cf

*Wor. Aaron Glasser 1964

*Wor. Samuel Shedlow 1965

*Wor. William Wilson Storey 1966

*Wor. Albert Livingston Bilier 1967

*R.W. Meyer Weker 1968 efig

*R.W. Alan Herbert Klein 1969 e

*Wor. William Fredrick Greene 1970 fi

*Wor. George Ober Richardson 1971

*Wor. Max Harold Summerfield 1972 bfg

*Wor. Ira Smith 1973 fi

*R.W. Alden Arthur Osgood 1974 cefi

*Wor. Robert Gerling 1975

*R.W. Meyer Weker 1976 efig

*R.W. Vincent Taft Estabrook 1977 e

Wor. George Edward Durfee, Jr. 1978 & 1979

*R.W. John Martin Kandres 1980 & 1981, 1990-91 cf

*Wor. Willis Junior Rice 1982 & 1983

*R.W. Franklin Newell Cunningham 1984 & 1985 ci

*Wor. David Paul Kopech 1986

*R.W. Clifford Franklin Howe 1987 cf

*Wor. Frank Chandler Merrill 1987 1

*R.W. Alden Arthur Osgood 1988 & 1989 cefi

Wor. David Albert D’Agostino 1992 & 1993

*R.W. Donald Francis Tabbut 1994 & 1995, 1998 cfi

*Wor. Donald Robinson 1996 & 1997 fi

Wor. Arthur Edmond Gagnon 1999 & 2000

Wor. Michael Joseph Reardon 2001 & 2002

Wor. Bruce Morton Newman 2003 & 2005 fi

Wor. Charles A. Austin 2006 & 2007 i

Wor. Wayne H. Livermore 2008 & 2009, 2014

Wor. Khalil G. Laham 2009 & 2011

Wor. Ronald C. Higgins 2011 & 2013 fi

R.W. Philip A. Nowlan 2015 & 2016 cimno

Wor. John F. Hickey 2016 & 2017

Wor. Philip A. Dubey 2017 to present



*     Deceased

(a)  Founder

(b)  Charter Member

(c)  Past DDGM

(d)  Junior Grand Warden

(e)  Grand Representative

(f)   Past Master of Lodge of Instruction

(g)  50-Year Veterans Medal

(h)  Henry Price Medal

(i)   Joseph Warren Medal

(j)   Jeremy L Cross Medal

(k)  50-Year Past Master

(l)   Honorary

(m) Dean MLI

(n)  Past Grand Steward

(o)  Chair, Lodge of Instruction